Mail.app fix for Fastmail SMTP in Mavericks

I've been having intermittent issues with Fastmail's SMTP service in Mavericks, where Mail.app will sometimes repeatedly reject the correct password (and thus refuse to send mail).

The fix is to force it to use port 587 for SMTP (it claims it'll try 25, 465 and 587 by default, but this doesn't seem to be reliable):

Preferences -> Accounts -> Fastmail -> Account Information -> Outgoing Mail Server -> Edit SMTP Server List -> Advanced -> Use custom port: 587

RubyMotion OSX NSTableView example

(using AutoLayout)

I struggled a little to get a basic NSTableView working in RubyMotion, coming from an iOS background, as I couldn't find any conclusive 'hello world'-esque examples. So, here's mine.

clone on github

It's also useful to see how to create your first window, as the difference between NSViewController and NSWindowController isn't immediately obvious either. There's a helpful explanation of this on StackOverflow.

Once I'd got it working, I converted it to use AutoLayout. Note the sequence that I use to setup AutoLayout:


I find this sequence helps categorise what can be a complicated setup (if it were a more complicated controller, at least).

To get started (note that RubyMotion 2 is required for OSX support):

bash $ cd motion-nstableview-example $ rake