Swift learning: Integrating ReactiveCocoa into my canonical Swift app

Ok so I got this far without too many issues, so now to go back to my old favourite (or should that be nemesis?) ReactiveCocoa.

I abortively tried to begin learning Swift 2.0 with ReactiveCocoa 3.beta8 together from the get-go (because if it worked, that would be awesome right?): it didn't work because my Swift experience was too patchy, ReactiveCocoa 3 wasn't even finished and, particularly, wasn't ported to Swift 2 yet. (also I was still trying to get used to Xcode after three happy years using AppCode - which unfortunately is still lacking mature Swift support).

Now that the tears of frustration have dried, this time I'll go back somewhat less ambitiously (retreating to Swift 1.2 for my own sanity) and try ReactiveCocoa 3 again, it now being at RC1.

I've developed my ListViewController already with a ViewModel pattern, using callbacks (didChangeContent, didChangeSection etc) to notify the VC of FetchedResultsController changes. This is a perfect point to start and using Signals (or are they called SignalProducers now..?) instead.